Unacademy User Credentials leaked and Sold

Unacademy User Credentials leaked and Sold

Unacademy one of the largest online learning platforms in India has suffered a data breach after a hacker gained access to its database and started selling the account information of 22 million users in the black market. According to Cyble Inc (Cyber Intelligence Company ), hackers had begun to sell the Unacademy user database of 22 million for $2000. Cyble added that it has managed to acquire the database and added the user records to its data breach monitoring service which can be used by millions of Unacademy users to determine whether their login account was hacked or not.

What data has suffered in the Breach :

Unacademy users record table 

The database contains a total of near around 21,909,707 user records. These records include usernames, SHA-256 hashed passwords, date joined, last login date, email addresses, first and last names, and whether the account is active, a staff member, or a superuser. If the users of Unacademy utilize the same credentials on their corporate network or on the other social media platforms then it could allow hackers to gain access to their other social media accounts and to their corporate network as well.
Now, what you should do :
  1. If you are a user of Unacademy then it is strongly recommended to change your password as soon as possible. 
  2. If you are using the same passwords on other social media platforms then also change it as soon as possible. 
  3. Attackers try to send targeted phishing emails that pretend to be from Unacademy and utilize the information stored in this database. 
  4. Unacademy users can use a data breach monitoring service to verify if their account was leaked as part of this breach. Click here to verify. 
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